The Music is Me

As a little girl, I sang whatever was popular and on that week’s Top 40 Hits. As I grew up, I started to choose music stations based on my mood. There was a time that the country music station helped heal my broken heart while other stations made me want to get up and dance. Now, because of easy internet access, whatever song I wish to hear is only a few keystrokes away.

I believe that music is magical. Music activates memories of yesterday, expresses hope for tomorrow, and empowers me for today. My personal Top 40 Hits include songs which connect me to people from my past and eras in time. There are songs that bring my father back to life such as Jim Croce’s Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown, or songs that can remind me of a love I once had. A very special song to me that welcomed my son into my life is Elton John’s  Blessed.  Those are songs from my personal life’s soundtrack which were written for my story.

Songs encourage us to live for today, and expect greatness for tomorrow. Knowing this, I have adopted multiple theme songs from different genres which represent my many wants for love, strength, and hope. Love songs offer me hope and expectations that love is available to me.  The songs of strength are songs to be sung in the first person verse or as I call them my  I AM songs.  For example, Helen Reddy has empowered me to remember that I Am Woman or songs that helped me at challenging times such as Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. Josh Groban has shared many uplifting songs of faith while Justin Bieber has added his own flavor to music as so many other gifted artists have done. There is a reason that musicians are considered artists. These musical magicians are able to express words and melodies that sing to our souls without having met us.  It is an art created by sound and leaving its impression on all of us in some way.

It was because of the power these songs had given me that I motivated me to host a party where I asked guests emailed me their personal theme song in time for the party. Theses songs of inspiration played all night.  There may have been many voices but with only one message which was “I am worthy.”

Remembering how worthy you are, I ask you to take time and find a theme song that can be your power song. Pick a song that will raise your vibration to an out-of-this-world level so when needed you can turn to this song for inspiration. The magic that I share with you now is that whenever you sing this song, dance to this song,  or hear it playing unexpectedly THAT is when the magic of your song will take effect. Without your any conscious effort or thought, you will feel empowered. That feeling will remind you that you matter and that your life is worth celebrating.  Let the music begin!

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