The Power of the Spoken Word

Words are the primary elements found in speaking, writing, and thinking.  Did you ever wonder what the difference between these three modes of communication is?  I believe it is the energy that is shared between two or more people when words are exchanged…out loud.

As a writer, I value the written word because it is uninterrupted and pure of thought.  There is usually time to think about what you are writing, opportunity to improve it, and the ability to stay focused on what you are writing until completed because it is one-sided with no conflicting ideas or interruptions.  Thinking is less focused because of the many thoughts that are created daily including emotions, observations, and the thousands of fleeting thoughts fighting to take hold.

When we speak with others, we open ourselves up to outside influences and opinions which create a new and active energy between two or more people.  The results can impact one’s original thought causing changes because of the emotions and reactions of others.  This is why I say “watch your words” as they can effect you and others in ways you never imagined or intended.

At a recent presentation on The Power of the Spoken Word, I shared the following categories for ways to stay focused on better living with an awareness of the words we may want to use and the ones we may want to avoid:

Kindness Beats Kidding Humor is a great way to raise your vibration.  If you hear yourself saying “just kidding”, you can presume what was said might not have been considered funny.  I try to remember the jokes that make everybody feel good because those are the ones I want to repeat.

Nobody Wins – When words of defense are used, it is a signal that words of offense were understood even when the intention was not meant (intended) to be offensive.    An example of this is when I was told, “You look good with short hair, but I like it better when it’s longer.”  No offense was intended but if there was a compliment in there, I did not feel it.

Avoid the Un-Desires – Avoid emphasizing how you feel unless it is something you want to continue feeling, such as “so happy.”  That is one feeling that is worth saying out loud!  I have a friend who is always soooo excited that all the things she wants to do are that much better.

Healthy Words Heal – Healthy words contain words that heal.  Notice how the root word of healthy is heal.  By making a habit of stating the “feel good” and “be good” words when speaking with others, my health is better than it was when I was younger and more physically active.

Be Worthy of Greatness – Allow words of value to describe yourself and others whenever stating a personal opinion.  I have learned that by choosing to speak well of myself and others, I feel good and cause no ill feelings to others.

Watch your words because you will see amazing things happen when you are aware of what you are saying.

By allowing words to share hope and joy, I am able to speak from my heart.  Knowing that my intention is to always speak from my heart, I will remain hopeful that my messages can allow words to influence me to live a happier and more hope filled life because I am the power behind my words.

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