The Value of “My”

There was a time in my life when I had forgotten to include me as an important part in my life’s plans.  Apparently, for a very long time, I had made choices based on other people’s happiness, their lives, and even on what they wanted for me.  It was only when I found myself on my own, with nobody to turn to, when I finally understood that my life and how I live it should be based on my goals, my dreams, and what could make me happiest.

No longer would I go to scary movies that frightened me.  Nor would I go to hear a band play, knowing they played their music so loud, that I could not enjoy talking with my friends.  It even meant that I would no longer hold back my emotions because they might make somebody else uncomfortable.  I understood that by placing my interests first that I was finally being true to myself and focusing on my happiness with no intention to harm others.

Life suddenly changed when I realized how easy it was to include me as an important factor in my plans.  By allowing the word “my” to be introduced in thoughts and conversations, I knew the end results would add to my personal happiness.

I share with you 50+ versions of how valuable the word ‘my’ is in different areas of life:

…my happiness, my goodwill, my food choices, my morals, my hairstyle, my vacations, my charities, my needs, my pets, my looks, my hopes, my vision, my doctors, my opinions, my home, my hobbies, my safety, my wants, my books, my desires, my community service, my love life, my movies, my sports, my clothes, my ethics, my friends, my jobs, my work, my neighbors, my car, my health, my manners, my time, my fashion style, my traditions, my colleagues, my education, my dance, my political views, my romances, my privacy, my family, my joy, my faith, my mercy, my viewpoints, my firm, my experiences, my investments, my dreams, my observations, my music, my service, my philosophy…

By empowering myself to recognize what is important to me and can increase my happiness, I am inspired to be more active with the roles and responsibilities which are also mine.  Recognizing how my food choices effect my wellness, my appearance, and my fashion sense empowers me to make menu selections that benefit me.  This can also be seen with my finances which are effected by my employment as it is my income which covers my expenses and, therefore, my responsibility on how I manage my money.

The power of “my” has given me a new lease on life and empowers me to be my best advocate in so many areas of my life.  I ask you, wouldn’t you like to live in a world where everybody can allow their own happiness to be a priority in their own lives?  With that thought, I share with you a quote from my Facebook page encouraging self-joy to be part of joyful living:

My desire sparks my joy.
Your desire sparks your joy.
By remembering that we can both be happy!

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