The Wonderful Way of Wanting

As babies, we always got what we wanted. We were not capable of thinking about how to get something, we just reacted to our desires. There were no strategies or action plans developed to get what you want. Instead, our thoughts were created by how we felt because we were listening to our internal guidance system (emotions) that caused us to physically react to fulfill a desire (a want). Imagine how wonderful it is that without any self talk, discussion with others, or intense laborĀ  you could get whatever you wanted.

A baby impulsively reaches for whatever it is focused on without any doubt blocking their intention. There is no need for any outside influences, encouragement, or thoughts about the who, what, when, where, why, or how to achieve a desire. A baby takes action without any effort because they believe that they are able to get what they want. That is what I call the wonderful way of wanting something.

By letting go of the thoughts that can distract you from your desires and goals, you can allow yourself to trust that you have an internal guidance system that will help you to get what you want without needing all the answers. For example, a person that wants to go away on a dream vacation intuitively may realize that they can save money if they forgo on that daily latte which averages $25 weekly expense. The same for a person who wants to lose weight who resists second helpings or midnight snacks. There is no deep thought or any labor with either example, and the results will be significant over time.

Once you allow a desire to exist, the actions to obtain this desire start without any effort and will motivate you to find additional ways to achieve your desire. This is your life and by taking inspired actions, as well as removing some limiting actions, the effect will result in enjoying your life more today. Great things start coming together when a desire is realized, and the excitement and anticipation will keep you focused on getting what you want.

I ask that you remember that this is your life and that you are the person who will be happiest when you take an active part in living life to its fullest. By allowing yourself to want whatever it is that makes you happy is how you will discover the wonderful world of wanting and receiving.

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