Three Sides of a Coin

Many people believe that a coin has two sides, heads and tails.  I may be one of the few people who recognize a third side as the rim around the coin.  I often think that life is misrepresented in a similar way with two sides capturing most of the attention and the third side being often overlooked.

One side of my life is a reflection of my upbringing and lessons from my past.  This includes family expectations, community standards, and the people in my daily life.  The second side represents influences outside of my life, such as how ‘the other people’ live as portrayed by the media.  These are the two sides that most people consider when making important decisions.  The third side is the part of my life which is me, who I am, and what is important to me.  By recognizing that my thoughts and my emotions are more important than anything else, I can make decisions and choices best suited for my life.

Recently, I was faced with a major change in my life.  This was a time when my thoughts and my emotions would be the basis to an important decision that I would make.  It happened after my firm had announced layoffs and left me free to start over.  I had to choose between what was expected of me from my past and popular opinion or allow me and my desires to factor in.  Do I continue my current path with another firm, or take an opportunity to make a career change that I always wanted to?  That would mean following my head and my heart.  The decision was mine; I chose the rim.  By allowing my thoughts and emotions to influence a new path in my life, I have opened up a world of unlimited possibilities which point me to an even brighter and happier future.

All three sides, carry a value to them.  My viewpoint of this third side as thoughts and emotions offers something that others may not have considered, but you can. Imagine how interesting the next coin toss will become when you now see that you are flipping a three-sided coin.

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