Through the Eyes of Love

One of the most beautiful sights that exists today is one of newborn babies.  Babies represent the true definition of love and beauty. There is a purity about a new life that was created through intimacy and brought into the world with hope, trust, and love as the foundation of their emotions. This is because that is how babies see others as they enter this world. We are the lucky ones to be reminded that we too came into this world possessing the very same foundation of emotions and loving eyes.

Something that we also can remember is how conventional beauty, as dictated by the media or common thought, is not defining true beauty. I speak from experience. You see, this baby girl, now sitting at this keyboard years later, was born two weeks premature and weighing in over 10 pounds with a  messy head of hair and crossed eyes. Do you believe that everybody that saw me thought I was beautiful?  They did, and all fell in love with this little cherub.   That little baby in the incubator next to mine, also premature, was born with no hair, underweight, and jaundice, was equal in beauty.  That is because people saw us with eyes of love. We were truly beautiful in this world.

The reason that I brought this image of beauty to mind is because this same beauty  is still in our lives. For today, look at yourself with eyes of love. Remove thoughts about your physical appearance, and think about the actions that you take which make you beautiful and also loving.  For example, did you take in a neighbor’s garbage can when you saw it rolling against the curb or leave it there? Did you give a homeless person a dollar or cross the street to avoid them? Did you call your mother or say “I’m busy. I’ll call her later”? Maybe you wouldn’t include these situations in a definition of beauty, but they are. What we do is who we are. As I told my son throughout his life, “Beauty is as beauty does. Ugly is as ugly does.” Never was I referring to looks. I was referring to the actions that we take that make us beautiful.

When you see life through eyes of love, you are able to recognize how beauty surrounds us. When you recognize that you are beautiful, you experience self-love.  Though we age and our physical appearance constantly changes, a new beauty emerges.  This is due to the many years of living that enables us to be more loving, more kind, more patient, and even more forgiving, as well as the ability to be less judgmental, less critical, and less conventional. Embrace the loving lessons that even a challenging life may have experienced, and see the beauty you are.

Please allow yourself to live a life with eyes of love. These are not new eyes but the eyes that you were born with that can see love, trust, and joy in everything. Throw away the eyeglasses that have covered these eyes, and know that each and every one of us is beautiful and perfect as-we-are today. We are beautiful examples of living masterpieces. I end today’s writing with these words…beauty is as beauty does because love is as love does.  Always remember that.

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