Time Is On My Side

Recently as I watched a Justin Timberlake movie called In Time, I questioned myself as to what value had I placed on my time, and had I been living life the way I wanted to.  Without ruining this sci-fi flick, let me share the basis of its plot about how people stop ageing by the age of 25 years with the potential to live forever. Everybody is given one extra year on their 25th birthday that is banked as a form of money to be used for every day expenses and purchases.  In order to extend their lives past age 26, people had to earn time to save time.  They could work for it, receive it as a gift, could gamble it, and even could steal it.

After the movie was over, I reflected on where my time went in an average day.  I realized the many ways that I took time for granted by mismanaging it through procrastination, not prioritizing, and forgetting to focus on what I wanted in my life.  I decided that if I could treat time with the same respect and understanding that I had for money that I might benefit.  I could use this awareness to find more time, spend less time, and save on time that would result in a much better way of living with great results.  My next step was to focus on where time would benefit me to create a more balanced and happier lifestyle and how to inspire myself to make changes.  It was easier than I thought.

I decided that I will no longer waste time reflecting on yesterday’s poor choices because today will be filled with better choices and rewarding activities.  Today’s better choices will lead to many happier tomorrows.  Today is the day I begin improving my physical well-being that may include walking the dog longer or more often, dancing to a song once an hour, taking the stairs over elevator, or drinking more water.  Today is the day that I increase my finances by cutting some coupons, selling something online that I no longer use, or finding fun ways to increase my income that may lead to something wonderful.  You can see how this better use of time is profitable in many areas of my life.

No longer will I dedicate 30 minutes a day to household chores.  Instead of sitting through commercials when I watch television, I choose to use the 3-4 minutes interruptions by throwing in a load of laundry, putting out the garbage, feeding the animals, or whatever else I can fit into these little gaps of time.    Commercials will now offer me 30 minutes of effortless and easy ways to maintain my home while also enjoying two-hours of laid back entertainment.  I might even pull out that old exercise machine and use my TV time for fit time too.

No longer will I do errands without taking advantage of the time in the car.  Multitasking can result include leisure activities too.   Now my car offers me a place with music, catch up on news reports, enjoy an audio book, make phone calls with my car’s hand-free system, or allow myself peaceful moments for quiet-time or uninterrupted thoughts.  These are some examples of how I will now value my time and remember that time is on my side.

It is my choice on how I use my time, and I choose to use it and not lose it.  By recognizing its value, I have opened up my own portal of time that I can enjoy today and all the todays of my life.  Join me by becoming aware of how valuable time is while having the time of your life.

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