Time’s Nemesis (Deadlines!)

As I see that midnight is soon approaching, I smile to myself as I finish my daily writing in time to make a mental deadline of 11:59pm that I revised several times throughout the day (and night.)

Today started like every other day with a cup of coffee and the sound of my computer coming to life. To those of you who enjoy writing, you will understand how easy it is to start writing and find that as ideas come to mind and fingers start to type, thoughts go in different directions as if they have a life of their own. Before I knew it I had made over eight different attempts at writing an amazing article about habits. All I knew is that I was not going to let a mental deadline for my midday delivery pressure me to ‘publish’ something that was not to my liking.

I was proud of how I took pressure off my shoulders when 11am came around and was nowhere near ready for my 12 noon deadline. It seemed that there were so many angles to address about habits and how we can benefit with them or turn a habit around that I was unable to narrow it down to 3-4 paragraphs. It was by 12:30pm when I realized I would push the deadline to later that day. After all, I knew there were no negative repercussions if this website was updated later on. I created a really great feeling of self-empowerment as I removed stress and anxiety from my daily writing habit by choosing to take the dog for a long walk around 1pm.

As the day went on, I allowed myself other breaks for phone calls and away from the monitor.  In the later part of the day, I started to feel random stabs of uncertainty that created a tightening along my spine. I quickly reminded myself that all was fine and felt better.  As 4pm came around, there was an unmistakable intense pressure that I could no longer talk myself out of. I knew that I had to be at a dinner meeting at 5pm, followed by a presentation, and I would not be able to write until after 10pm.  It was only when I called a friend 15 minutes later to advise that I’d be late for the dinner.  Uh-uh, I changed my mind. I would not let a deadline, a mental deadline, interrupt my dinner plans. Let me share that dinner was delicious and the company better than my computer and keyboard.

That is why I am here now sharing that even with all the empowering words that I embrace, with all the self-love I have for myself, without any harsh judgements on my abilities, emotions were able to twist my spine into an uncomfortable knot.  That unwanted and physical reaction reminded me to find a better source of joy which is when I remembered that I am the power in my world.

~ As the power in my world, I can accept that things may not always turn out as planned.
~ As the power in my world, I can be flexible and make changes when I can.
~ As the power in my world, I decide what is important to me and feel good about my decisions.

Remember that when you allow yourself to be the power behind your actions, you will set your clock to fit your needs. Lucky for me that I consider time my friend and know it is always there for me too.


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