Who in this world can deny the benefits of receiving tender, love, and care from another person?  When you receive TLC, it is a reminder that you are not alone.  There is somebody out there who values you enough to give you tenderness through compassionate words or actions.  Somebody who sees you with loving eyes.  A person who cares enough to let you know in some way that they are there for you.  Receiving TLC  is all I need to be reminded that I matter to somebody.  I also offer TLC to others as it is part of our DNA, our humanity.

Having been a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend, I had people close to me that offered me and received from me some level of TLC on a daily basis.  My recognition of the value of TLC has made me a better person towards others.  The only problem is that there was one person that I had never offered this to.  This was a woman that I never thought about in the way I thought about others.  Not because she was unworthy of my compassion, my love, or my support, only because I never paid attention to her or the relationship I had with her.  I took her for granted. I knew that she was a strong woman, a person who thought she had it all, and always came across as if she knew all the answers.  I didn’t think she needed me.  I was wrong!  It is only now that I realize she is the most important person in my life.  Without her, I am nothing.  She made me who I am. That is when I decided to stand in front of her, look her in the eye and apologize for the way I neglected her.  When I did this, the corner of her eyes filled with tears, I knew that she was happier than she had been in a while because all I could notice was the way she smiled back at me from the mirror.

Why is it that we can take time to speak with our friends about their problems and have all the answers and ignore our own?  When did somebody else become more worthy of my time and energy over me?  Can my love and understanding benefit another person more than it could benefit me? No, no, no.   I matter.  In fact, I matter the most in my life.

This weekend take time to care for you.  If happy memories from your past make you smile, reminisce about good times.  When you find yourself thinking about somebody else, throw a good thought about you out there too for the same amount of time.  Do things that make you happy because when you are happy you are a better person to you and to others.  Think about when your spouse, child, parent, or boss are happy, aren’t they better to you?  When you are happy with you, others will benefit even more. 

Tender, love, and care are words that evoke emotions that heal and comfort.  Use the power in you to heal areas in your life with the comfort of knowing that you will receive what you give within you and all around.  This weekend and each day forward, spend time loving you because you, my friend, are worth loving!

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