Trust Your GPS

There was a time when maps were all you needed to get to wherever you were going.  Today it seems that everybody owns a GPS device with a voice directing us turn by turn to our final destinations. This reminds me of an analogy that you may be familiar with.  This is the one when somebody tells you not to worry about the way you are going through life and to trust there is an internal device that will help you make the right moves.

The problem for me is that I may be one of the few people who does not believe a GPS.  I noticed recently after ignoring the suggestion “Make the next right turn,” three times, that soothing voice seemed to be irritated and much sharper as I missed the third turn.  I realized I was lost whenever I ignored ‘her’.  That is why I decided, on my next road trip, I would “give it up to my GPS” because maybe I did not know everything.

That road trip was today.  I made it to New Jersey in record time; getting back home was a different story.

With some light traffic and rain, I was happy to listen to her calming voice and did whatever I was told.  Guess what?  Even though I listened, I managed to take a wrong turn getting off the George Washington Bridge.  The good news is that I did not fight her this time.  I found that I was very comfortable being lost as her voice guided me on.   I noticed how, maybe, I was a bit too comfortable on what seemed to be a very familiar route.  That’s because it was probably the fourth time I made this wrong turn in the past year.  That meant the wrong way had become my way, the long way.

After realizing how comfortable I was on the wrong road, I accepted that I might see more detours and other unexpected turns, but all would be okay.  Maybe I wasn’t supposed to know what was next. What did it mean for my GPS with life? Did that mean that I can take a wrong road in life and all will be okay? Yes, and yes.  For me, I have the choice to enjoy a longer way to my destination with a few detours or go directly there. Either route will end at the same place.

We all get to choose the paths we are on and can expect to get to our final destination when the time is right.  Feel good knowing your guidance system is never off and may only require time to direct you on the best path.

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