Wednesday’s Words: I AM – The Dynamic Duo

If I could think of the most powerful words that have changed my life, the top of the list would have to be I am.  These two words allow me to open my mind ‘to be’ in whatever state I want to exist as when I accept and acknowledge  who I am.

As this is a Wednesday’s Words theme writing, I share with you 100 I am affirmations which help me at different times of my days, of my life.  I say different versions during challenging times, mindful times, and found them comforting before drifting off to sleep.

I am lovable.  I am romantic.  I am energetic.  I am hopeful.  I am studious.  I am affluent.  I am gentle.  I am positive.  I am determined.  I am loyal.  I am free.  I am passionate.  I am thoughtful.  I am flirty.  I am vibrant.  I am sincere.  I am wise.  I am generous.  I am open-minded.  I am helpful.  I am divine.  I am inviting.  I am sharp.  I am adorable.  I am strong.  I am bighearted.  I am independent.  I am soulful.  I am skillful.  I am Lively.  I am successful.  I am compassionate.  I am wealthy.  I am silly.  I am Patient.  I am friendly.  I am masterful.  I am gregarious.  I am cute.  I am productive.  I am graceful.  I am fit.  I am assertive.  I am sweet.  I am powerful.  I am kind.  I am intelligent.  I am adventurous.  I am truthful.  I am brave.  I am worthy.  I am respectable.  I am confident.  I am thankful.  I am smart.  I am optimistic.  I am honest.  I am happy.  I am affectionate.  I am young.  I am natural.  I am attractive.  I am peaceful.  I am abundant.  I am forgiving.  I am prosperous.  I am imaginative.  I am good.  I am complete.  I am whole.  I am healthy.  I am neighborly.  I am faithful.  I am bright.  I am loving.  I am desirable.  I am organized.  I am spontaneous.  I am creative.  I am witty.  I am talented.  I am fun.  I am light.  I am wealthy.  I am comfortable.  I am intuitive.  I am playful.  I am active.  I am safe.  I am beautiful.  I am grateful.  I am protected.  I am lovely.  I am personable.  I am nurturing.  I am caring.  I am gentle.  I am brilliant.  I am magnificent.  I am life.

Writing out the 100 I am statements above has effected me even now in a very positive way.  I hope you will take time to read through them and connect with the ones, or all of them, that speaks to you.   Keep your own mental list available and keep it growing as to what is important to you knowing how your words will have an even bigger effect on you.

Following are examples of more detailed statements that I say.  How many words you use is not important, all you need to do is take ownership of how magnificent you are are, even if you have forgotten this over the years.

  • I am happy in all areas of my life.
  • I am worthy to be loved by somebody who is just right for me.
  • I am able to find faith where I once struggled.
  • I am fortunate to know that words are gifts when I use them for love, hope, and joy.
  • I am the power in my world.

The secret, as I understand it, is that by choosing words which help me to feel better and words that open my mind to the unlimited possibilities of who I am.  These two words together, as I am, are all I need to be my strongest advocate with creating today’s life filled with love, hope, and joy.

***I will be taking some time to enjoy the summer.  Come back on July 11th when I will begin weekly posts on Mondays.  Have a great summer.***

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