The Power of “Stop”

One of the words that I most remember hearing, as a very young child, was the word stop.  “Stop jumping on the couch”, “stop teasing your sister”, and I can still hear my parents saying, “Karen, stop playing with your food.”  Stop, stop, and stop!  A word that commanded me to put an end to an action that was not desired.  As I grew up, this word changed from correcting my behavior to empowering me to take control (command) of actions and reactions that caused me pain.

When I realized the positive effect of this word, I began to use it more often.  I began to use this word as part of some valuable self-talk when times were challenging. Choosing to use stop in simple statements allowed me to grow stronger in areas where I had felt challenged.  It offered me comfort when I had felt bad.  It helped me to redirect myself when I was headed in a direction that I did not want to go.

My self-talk was a two-step statement.  The first part allowed me to eliminate thoughts or feelings from growing stronger, more negative.  The second part was to replace the “unwanted” thoughts/feelings with ones that served me better.

I want to stop feeling __________ (negative emotion), and start to feel better.

I want to stop doubting my abilities, and remember that I am strong and can do anything that I choose to do.

I want to stop habits that offer me temporary comfort and replace them with habits that will help me now with great results.

There were times that I simply wanted to eliminate a thought and felt better by removing the harmful thought.

I want to stop believing what others say, things that I have read or seen that have stopped me from being the best me that I can be. 

I now place stop in my word bank with other positive words which help me to live a better life.  Take time to see what thoughts, emotions, or reactions that you may like to stop in your life.  Start with your words and see how words can begin a chain reaction to a better way of thinking.  After all, if thoughts become things, stop the bad ones and embrace the better ones.



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