Weekend Wonderland

A Friday is a day that used to have a special feeling to me. It was a day of happy anticipation knowing that the next two days were mine to do whatever I wanted. Mine, mine, all mine! There were no responsibilities and no worries to think about. I was free to plan fun activities and also expected to have unplanned fun as well. As time passed and I grew up, weekends became more of a scheduled time for projects, chores, and errands which had been postponed during the week. That wonderful feeling of anticipation of spending time relaxing and rejuvenating is long gone. What happened to my world? When did weekends become good ones simply because I did not have to go to a place of employment? This is why I want to reclaim the weekends of yesterday and savor the hope with the intent of having a joy filled weekend.

To reclaim those care-free days, I now remember how I used to make plans to do things with friends and had always included some me-time for biking, reading, or guilty-pleasures that I enjoyed doing on my own. Wanting to share this approach with others, I ask you to join me in a Weekend Wonderland approach.  That means that we will allow wonderful things that we never imagined for this weekend to take place. To get to this special place, all we need to do is open our hearts and minds for unexpected happiness. No effort. No work. We only need to open up hearts and mind to trust that life is better and easier than we realized.

To open up your heart and mind, you need to remove the limited beliefs about who you are today based on what happened yesterday. Yesterday is over. Today is your redo for a happier time. I compare thoughts of past experiences to the old-fashioned, thick velvet curtains that hung from the ceiling to floor. This curtain was a barrier keeping fresh air and sunlight out. When you close a curtain, you are shutting out the world and limiting your vision. This weekend, I am going to pull back the curtains of my past weekends and let the world in again. I want to open my eyes, let the light in, and find that there are so many opportunities available to me. I do so by reminding myself… [Feel free to substitute words and personalize your “wants”]

“I allow my mind to be open for all the pleasures available to me today for a great weekend. I draw in on hope with my willingness to allow only good things to happen because I am deserving of this. I open my heart to lasting happiness.”

You never know what this weekend can bring into your life, and with an open mind and open heart you can believe that life is meant to be wonderful…always.

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