Whittling My Square Peg for The World’s Round Hole

There was a time that I did what everybody else did which was trying to fit in and be like the rest of the world.  This meant looking a certain way, thinking like others, and assuming others knew what was best for me.   It took years for me to realize that by living in a world where everybody looked and thought the same, there was no special place for me or for the things that were important to me.  It is only now that I see how conforming to the beliefs of others can limit joy in one’s life.

Seeing how I did it “their” way for as long as I did without the results intended, I am no longer whittling my square peg to fit into a hole shaped by others.  I am redefining who I am by remembering what is important to me and what feels good to me.  My emotions deserve my attention when they are guiding me on what is best for me at this time in my life.  They are my unique and personal guides keeping me focused or redirecting me when I do something that is in conflict with my true nature.

Knowing this has helped me to discover a new understanding as to what offers me the most joy in my daily life.  A joy that can change daily and could be missed if focusing on other people’s thoughts, experiences and discoveries. How can others determine what is best for me in areas such as love, health, and even my finances, if they think differently than I do?  This is the very reason that I designed a website called Em-Power Your Self.

For the first time since I began writing, let me share the reason there is a hyphen (-) in the word empower.  The hyphen is the link connecting two important elements, emotions and power.  There is nothing more important to self-empowerment than the understanding of how one’s emotions are the power (energize) behind thoughts and the inspiration to be active in your life.  Realizing that emotions of love and hope will benefit me, and emotions of fear or despair can damage me, it is up to me to let the “good” emotions energize my thoughts.

If you see yourself in a similar way, and realize that your emotions speak loudest to you, celebrate by living your life in whatever way makes you happiest.  Em-power yourself by remembering how only you know yourself best and what emotions and thoughts best inspire you to live your happiest life.  Wear the clothes that you love.  Date the people that make you happiest.  Spend or save your money however you would like.  By taking responsibility for your decisions, you will become responsible for your life in spite of whatever happened in the past.

Be the power in your world, and stop trying to fit into a hole that is not as fitted for somebody as magnificent as you!

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