Who is Sitting on Your Shoulder?

There was a time when people were told that they have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other as a way of explaining that you get to choose who to listen to. Thanks to the cartoons that I watched growing up, I had always pictured a playful version of this. On one side sat a sweet, little angel in white, and on the other side sat a mischievous little, red imp. This strange friendship was challenged because the angel often and calmly told the devil what not-to-do while the devil became belligerent at being told what to do.

As an adult, I recognize how hope and fear existed in my life. In this version of the angel vs. devil, I look back and see how fear had a louder presence in my life then hope did. You may recognize the next statement as a metaphor, but I share this as my literal perception of hope and fear.

Hope is the foundation to everything good. Fear is its opponent and can be experienced as tremors taking place under this foundation. How can you build on something that is constantly shifting beneath you? You can’t which is why that child image of the angel needs to come back in our lives and remind the imp what it cannot do which is…it cannot do what you do not want it to do.

There is a message that you will see throughout much of my writing which is that you are the power in your world. You are the captain of your ship. You are the brains behind your greatness. You are the thoughts that you choose. I hope you understand that these are different ways of saying that you get to make decisions that are going to give you what you want or what you choose.  Choose hope.

Hope can flick that little, bitty imp off of your shoulder because as you choose hope, hope grows. It becomes more powerful. As it strengthens, fear weakens. Make that your goal.

How do you choose hope? Ready for some repetition of this week’s writings? You recognize what you want. You stamp out fear, insecurities, vulnerabilities, anxieties, and worries by consciously choosing to STOP those words from existing in your words, thoughts, and emotions. Let me remind you that when hope appeared, fear stopped hovering on your shoulder and found a place in your head. Sometimes it hid in your heart or could be felt in your belly. Good news, is that when hope flicked it away, hope knew where hope was strongest and jumped into your thoughts, thereby improving your emotions and helping you to feel physically better.

The way for you to continue to keep hope powerful is the old 1-2-Punch that you can take with two simple statements which are:

1. I want to stop feeling  (negative feeling)  about (what you want)
2. I want to feel hopeful about  (what you want)

BAM! Knockout punch. Once again, hope is our champion!

By deflecting (or flicking!) negative thoughts, you replace them with hope. You are now living a hope filled life. Ahhh, sweet victory!

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