Why Not Why

In recent years, when things had gone off track, I realized I could help myself by asking myself questions. This was when I learned that I had most answers somewhere within me. After all, who knew me better? I had spent many times asking myself questions,  and the answers were often spot on leaving me to feel pretty good. The only question that seemed unanswered was the ‘why‘ for the times or areas in my life that had not turned out the way I wanted. That seemed to be the one question that I could rarely answer.

I recently shared this with my mother. She then reminded me that the question ‘why’ is not something that can always be answered because when people asks themselves why something happened, they are looking for a reason. Sometimes there is no reason or the reason no longer matters. I knew that she was right and decided that I would no longer ask myself ‘why?‘ and would replace that question with ‘what can I do to be happy?’ This would not only dismiss something that had caused me distress from my past but would open up hope for today and future days. This is why I want you to decide how to help yourself. Do you want to live in the past or, like me, live for a happier now and even happier future? Hoping you choose the latter, I share with you what I now say to help myself:

Today, I ask that I am able to live in a way that will bring me comfort, hope, and understanding so that I can find joy. I want to live a happier life and let hopeful thoughts guide me to a happier future.

Now that we left the ‘why’ behind us, let the answer on ways of being happier dominate our thoughts.

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