Wisdom of the Ages

Did you ever notice how grandparents seemeto have their own language, or at least phrases that make no sense to a child’s mind.  I can remember a time when my grandmother noticed a hole in a pair of jeans, and told me how “A stitch in time, saves nine.”  She went on to explain how a small hole needed less stitches, and if I would let her sew it at that moment in time, she could save thread because apparently time made holes bigger.  At least, that is what I thought as a child.  Of course, years later I realized she was not being literal, but the lesson took.  I still remember it, which is why, I now wish I would have paid closer attention to her words of wisdom.

This got me thinking.  What words do I say now which my future grandchildren will pretend to understand and humor me with a slight nod?  It didn’t take me long to make a list of my catch-phrases which I share below along with my definitions behind these words of wisdom…in case you need some interpretation for my wisdom at this age in my life.

Watch your words!

Realize what you are saying because your words carry power with them.  Words of encouragement create hopeful thoughts and good feelings.  Thoughtless words can have an effect that you might not want such as “I’m tired” and finding yourself with no energy and needing rest. Remove words that do not benefit you.

Be aware what you wish for.

This is a twist to the old “Be careful what you wish for.”  Either version of this saying can remind you to think before you ask for something.  I love the old joke where a man wished that his wife was 30 years younger then he was.  Poof! He aged 30 years.

 Say what you want, only what you want.

Stop making discouraging comments about things that bother you.  Instead, say what it is that you would you prefer to happen or improve your situation.  For example, instead of saying “I am so bored at work”, you can shift that thought to “I want work to be more interesting.”  This makes me think magic genie when he said “your wish is my command.”  That is a great reason to say what you want.

Good thoughts become good things.

Thoughts become things.  Everything begins with a thought, even involuntary thoughts can create things we did not intend to happen.  When you add feelings to a thought, the result will be that feeling.  It is the feeling of the mind that will lead to the result.  As I only want good things in my life, I choose good thoughts expecting only good results.

Stop talking!

That might sound rude, but when said, my intention is to help somebody that is unaware of what they are saying.  This most often happens when I see somebody overreacting in a negative way and offering them a word of caution to stop them from saying hurt filled things about themselves or others.

Having shared my words of wisdom, you may see a common thread shared between all these phrases.  That leads me to believe that no matter what my grandchildren will hear me say, they will know that their words have power.

Hopefully, by the time my grandchildren are born the world that they live in will be more advanced and good words and good thoughts will be the common language.


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